A fundamental transformation is underway in Nevada

X Co is committed to growing Nevada’s emerging Tech industry

From our beginnings in 2020, we had a broader vision that we call Nevada 2025. Our mission is to accelerate early stage tech startups in emerging US technology ecosystems.

After two years of progress in Reno, we are expanding our reach. We are happy to announce our new name, X Co, which highlights our broader vision and paves the way for our mission.

It’s an exciting time to accelerate growth in the area and advance the emerging tech scene in Nevada. 

X Co is paving the way for early stage companies in the areas of:

  • FinTech with a focus on payments & commerce
  • SasS (Software as a Service)
  • Data Security
  • Distributed Ledger Tech & Blockchain
  • Gaming / Hospitality Innovation
  • HealthTech / Telemedicine

We’re skating to where the puck is going.

Why choose Nevada?

Strong Business Climate

Today, Nevada is pioneering an economic future as one of the United States’ clean energy, technology, and entrepreneurial leaders. According to a 2017 review by the nonpartisan SBE Council, Nevada ranked number one as the most friendly state for entrepreneurs.

#1 State in the West

With a probusiness environment, low cost of living and high quality of life, Nevada ranks as the top state to do business in the western U.S.

Streamlined Taxation

Nevada has no corporate or personal income tax. In 2005, Inc. magazine named Reno No. 1 on its list of the “Best Places to Do Business in America,”


Reno residents have access to first-class entertainment, dining, and recreational opportunities all within view of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Lake Tahoe is a mere 30 mins away.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas residents have access to the world’s finest hospitality industry, and for nature lovers, the stunning Red Rock Canyon and Mt. Charlestown are only a short drive away.

Untapped Talent Pool

Plenty of Nevada students who would rather stay in Nevada to learn and start their companies. During the Great Migration, thousands of people are relocating from all over like Silicon Valley and Southern California

Want to partner with X Co and turn Nevada into a tech epicenter?

Technology companies continue to flock to Northern Nevada. In addition to bringing a slate of new jobs to the region, they also are providing an influx of capital that’s reshaping the region’s new economy.​

Rob Sabo

North Nevada Business Weekly, NNBW .com

Nevada is rapidly evolving into a technology powerhouse