An Investment in X Co...

Is an investment in Nevada.

Philosophy: Our investment approach is driven by our vision to accelerate startup companies and regions. We call this Nevada 2025. And we are proud to call Nevada our Home. 

A nationwide economic shift is underway, resulting in a “Great Migration.”  Talent, personnel, and capital are fleeing legacy tech centers due to economic, social, and quality of life concerns (Bay Area, NYC, LA, Chicago, and Boston). Both southern and northern Nevada benefit from this shift.

Our process: Since 2020, we have only accepted 5% of applicants into our accelerator.

Both companies from our fall cohort have received seed funding and are growing: Copper, Bookit.

Additional Programs: Earlier this year we expanded our program offerings to include venture studio, and we already have new projects in development. 

Professional Service: And our Startup Workforce Acceleration Team (SWAT) continues to scale as we strategically help other startups increase their value. 

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