Venture Investors

Bringing you the best of the best

As an investor, you’re already aware that emerging regional ecosystems are the future of the US technology landscape. And we know what you’re looking for – strong deals, great opportunities, and the next major groundbreaking startup. We also know that making those regional capital commitments are difficult and have a high barrier to entry: open an office, hire and move principals, and then make inroads. 

At X Co Reno, our mission is to make that easy. We locate, curate, focus, and accelerate the best of best regional startups. And we bring them to you. Our Demo Days will present the best in our selected verticals, and make your capital decisions easy. Deploy capital in one of the fastest growing, talent rich areas in the nation. And for Bay Area funds, we are a short drive away.   

Make your LPs happy – and find the next.