The grass is truly greener in Nevada

By Shaunt Sarkissian, Founder and Executive Chairman of RNOX

As an entrepreneur and business leader, you face countless challenges every day to just create a successful, even viable, business. Market competition, financing, industry dynamics, personnel issues and the day-to-day relentless efforts needed create hurdles for game-changing companies, services and technologies. From small retail shops and restaurants to industry-defining technology success stories, the journey is many times the same, with similar struggles needed to achieve the American Dream.

These entrepreneurs are the creators and the lifeblood of the American economic fabric. And last week’s news about Tesla looking to move operations from California got me thinking about this is a much more meaningful way.

If you could sum up an entrepreneur’s life in musical terms, you are like the kid on stage at his first piano recital. You’re brave, but still nervous — with a seemingly insurmountable task and an uncertain future ahead. “What if I screw up? What if I forget a note? What if the piano explodes and/or turns into a monster and eats me?” Then you look out and see the smiling faces of your parents and others, take a deep breath, and crush it on stage…

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