Tech startup Bookit Sports newest addition to RNOX’s inaugural R.E.A.L. program this summer in Reno

RENO, Nev. — In March 2019, Trent Attyah captured a moment on video he couldn’t wait to share on social media: a roommate flailing his limbs in disbelief after losing a bet on a full-court buzzer-beater of an NBA game.

The only problem: Attyah, then a junior at Texas Christian University, didn’t know on which social media platform it would be socially acceptable to share a sports-betting reaction video.

“It was super hilarious, and I just didn’t know where to post it,’” Attyah recalled in a phone interview with the NNBW. “My friend looked at me and said, ‘You know, I made a separate Twitter and Instagram accounts just to follow and post sports-betting content.’

“That was when it clicked for me — why isn’t there a platform that does this?”…

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