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Mission and Vision

From our beginnings in 2020, we had a broader vision that we call Nevada 2025. Our mission is to accelerate early stage tech startups in emerging US technology ecosystems

Know Who We Are

Nevada 2.0 - Nevada 2025

After a year of progress at RNOX, we are expanding our reach.

We are happy to announce our new name, X Co, which highlights our broader vision and paves the way for our mission. 

We’re skating to where the puck is going.


We have planned occupancy for new cohorts and alumni companies, including Code Legion.

a new coding school that we’ve helped develop. 

Migration Continues

The Great Migration continues, and X Co is working to fill in gaps in the emerging Nevada ecosystem from north to south. We are very proud to announce our second accelerator, LASX in Las Vegas, Nevada, opening July 2021.

LASX is our next step, and there will be more to come under the X Co umbrella.

Our Services

Startup Workforce Acceleration Team (SWAT)

Premier Professional Service by X Co

Our Companies

We judge our success by the success of our companies.

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